EM6400 NG

Digital Multifunction Meter

Features :

The EM6400NG meter supports many features, a few of the features are listed

  • LED display screen: Intuitive self-guided navigation using three buttons LED
    display, with three lines of concurrent values. Two columns of LEDs given on
    the either side of the meter’s front panel indicate the parameter name being
  • Energy accounting and balancing.
  • Measurement of both True PF and Displacement PF.
  •  EM6400NG+ POP (Class 1 and 0.5S) and RS-485 (Class 1, 0.5S, and 0.2)
  • THD% and individual harmonics up to 15th order for voltage and current.
  • Active, reactive, and apparent energy readings.
  • Min/Max values of instantaneous parameters with timestamp.
  • Cybersecurity: The meter supports the disabling of RS-485 port through front
    panel keys to prevent unauthorized access. Toggle the RTU devices in case
    of limited availability of nodes in software system.
  • Suppression current: The meter can be configured to disregard the
    measurement of induced / auxiliary load current in the circuit (can be set from
    5 to 99 mA).
    You can use the meter as a stand-alone device, but its extensive capabilities are
    fully realized when used as part of an energy management system.
Benefits :

EM6400NG+ is an enhanced version of EM6400NG and legacy EM6400 meters. Following are the customer benefits

  • Detecting abnormalities -Min/Max with Date & Time stamp for 12parameters
  • 13 wiring schemes, 50/60Hz operation to meet varied applications across globe
  • Monitor power quality with accurate harmonic measurement upto 15th order
  • Enhanced accuracy- 64 Samples/cycle
  • Fully compliance to IEC 62053-21/22, UL & CE with 3rd party lab test certificates to ensure product quality & reliability
  • Easy to install slip-on clips to reduce installation time
  • Green Premium Certified
Applications :
  • Suitable for any kind of Industry/ Building or Infrastructure application
  • Operating range: 80 to 480V L-L AC 50/60Hz CAT III, 13 Wiring Schemes. Truly global options