MasterPact Nt and NW

A Power Circuit Breaker To
  • Protect
  • Measure
  • Connect

Low Voltage power circuit breakers and switch-disconnectors , with the standard for power circuit breakers around the world.

In addition to key features of withdrawability, selectivity and low maintenance that available in traditional power circuit breaker, Different ranges of MasterPact NT and NW offers built-in communications and metering functions, all with optimised frame sizes. MasterPact NT and NW is compactable, easy to install and incorporated with latest technology which ensures both performance and safety. MasterPact NT and NW are designed with composite material and environmental friendly design.
MasterPact NT and NW comes with Ethernet-ready Smart Panels enable electrical distribution control and expertise, With 3 pillars of technology ‘Protect’ – ’Measure’ – ’Connect’

Covering all your


Data Center


Energy & Infrastructure

An answer to specific applications

•1000 V for mining applications
• Direct current networks
• Corrosion protection
• Switch-disconnectors and earthing switches
• Automatic transfer switching equipment (ATSE) for emergency power systems
• High electrical endurance applications: MasterPact NT H2 is a high performance device offering high breaking capacity (Icu: 50 kA/480 V) and a high level of selectivity, all in a small volume

Frame Sizes and Range
•MasterPact NT ratings from 630 to 1600 A
• MasterPact NW 800 to 4000 A
• MasterPact NW 4000 to 6300 A
• Breaking Capacity upto 150kA
• Fixed, Draw out type
• Flexible terminal orientation enables horizontal or vertical alignment changes in the field
Performance levels

• N1 – for standard applications with low short-circuit levels
•H1 – for industrial sites with high short-circuit levels or installations with two parallel-connected transformers
•H2 – high-performance for heavy industry where very high short-circuits can occur
•H3 – for incoming devices supplying critical applications requiring both high performance and a high level of selectivity
•L1 – for high current-limiting capability and a selectivity level (37 kA) as yet unequalled by any other circuit breaker of its type; intended for the protection of cable-type feeders or to raise the performance level of a switchboard when the transformer power rating is increased.

Masterpact NW HADCC - PV Switch Disconnectors
•2000A and 4000A © 1000V DC
•Short Circuit Withstand Capacity upto 85kA 1 sec
•Fixed and Draw out type
•High Mechanical and Electrical life