OBO Products

OBO BETTERMANN India, the Indian subsidiary of OBO BETTERMANN, Germany – 100 years old company specialized in manufacturing products for “Conducting Electricity, Routing Data and Controlling Energy”. OBO has more than 30,000 products and are the market leaders in the respective range as below:

OBO BETTERMANN is market leaders in SIX different business verticals to provide solutions for all electrical systems.

KTS: Cable Support System. (Cable trays, Ladders, Wire mesh Cable trays (Stainless Steel),
Mounting systems, Fire protection & Function maintenance systems:
E30-E90&Escape Route installation Systems).

TBS: Transient and lightning protection system. (External lightning Protection to protect the building & structure, internal SURGE PROTECTION to protect the sophisticated equipment against direct and indirect effects of lightning/switching surges).

VBS: Connection and fastening system.(junction box,IP68 cable glands.Cable /Pipe fastening system-Plastic/Metal, Beam Clamp, profile Rail & BBS Clamp Clip Systems)


BSS: Fire protection Systems. (Insulation, Escape Route Installation, False Ceiling Mounting
& Fire Protection Ducts & Function maintenance systems E30-E90)

LFS: Cable Routing Systems. (Cable Wall Trunking-Metal/plastic, Cable Skirting trunking,
wiring trunking-Cable Turf, ISS Service Poles)


UFS: Under Floor Systems(Screed-Covered Ducting, Open Flush Floor trunking & Ducting,
In-concrete Ducting, On-Floor Trunking Systems, Junction Box& Service Outlet box
WET &DRY Floors-Carpet /Marble/Tile application).