MV Switchgear & Cable Testing

Connectplus Technologies offers professional expertise in the maintenance, testing and commissioning services of electrical power systems of various voltage levels. With a very strong team of experienced engineers and technicians, Connectplus Technologies provides testing and commissioning services to various types of power systems, with key experience in the testing and commissioning of switchgears, power transformers, protection and control systems, substation auxiliary equipment and generation equipment, Connectplus Technologies is committed to providing benchmark services to its clients.

“Our goal is to confirm your equipment is installed properly, meets factory standards and passes our stringent performance tests so you can minimize downtime delays in the future.”

Testing & Commissioning Services for:                       

  • HV/MV Switchgears
  • Transformer
  • Trouble shooting of Electrical Equipment and systems
  • Transmission Line/ Underground Cable

HDD Drilling & Cable Laying

Horizontal directional drilling (HDD) is an innovative “trenchless” construction procedure. It has been in use for a dozen years to make trenchless installations of cable, conduit and duct in areas where surface improvements or crowded utility easements make excavation impractical or impossible.

HDD has close ties with the electrical industry—it was one of the markets targeted by manufacturers of early drill models, which were used for reconductoring. As HDD equipment evolved, it was also used to place larger-diameter power cable and conduit for copper, coaxial and fiber optic communications cable.


MV & LT Switch Gear Services

Preventive maintenance consists in carrying out, at predetermined intervals or according to prescribed criteria, checks intended to reduce the probability of a failure or deterioration in the operation of a system.

  • Check & cleaning termination
  • Visual Inspection
  • Checking of Mechanical interlocks
  • Check close & trip coil condition and Gap Setting
  • Visual Inspection of wear & tear of mechanism and rectify, if possible
  • Following Tests to be carried out
  1. Test insulation resistance (Megger) using 5kv Megger
  2. CT Primary injection test.
  3. PT ratio testing & Insulation resistance test, if any.
  4. Testing of Auxiliary transformers, if any.
  5. CRM testing shall be done.
  6. Vermin proofing to be done, if any opening is required.
  7. Calibration of relays and meters, if any

Lighting Consultancy

Performing detailed lighting simulations, Ergonomic analysis and Lighting measurements

Working in the CAD environment our software is the top lighting software in the industry and the results are incredibly accurate. We simulate all our design solutions in the assembled location and always consider the ergonomic factor, the material types and of course the light source.

Light is design and we always consider what is visible when approaching or leaving the vehicle, most of all, how is it observed in the peripheral vision. If there are other light sources on the same system, we will ensure you attain a lighting harmony by calculating the specific resistor values for each lighting module.