Kaedra Weather Proof Enclosures (IP65)


Complete range of weatherproof enclosures IP65 and IK09

A complete range of multi-fonction weatherproof enclosures from 5 to 72 modules which combines style and robustness

  • for protection and command modular devices
  • or industrial sockets
  • for non modular switchgear
  • with or without interface for user
  • with great versatility
  • with thorough possibilities of association

. easy installation of all type of devices with a high level weatherproofness and robustness : modular and non modular switchgear, industrial sockets, pushbuttons…
. adapted to all types of installation : vertical and horizontal association, wide multi purpose range
. weatherproofness guaranteed during use


3 X more practical


Kaedra is the best solution to produce with applications of high requirements a complete installation with combines 3 essential functions:distribution, power supply and electrical control;these enclosures mean natural compatibility and consistency:Kaedra range really lets save time and great flexibility.


Final LV distribution in outdoors or severe conditions (dust, humidity, heat, public…)