Wipro Lighting Products

Wipro Lighting has an extensive network of 35 branches across the country, with over 400 dedicated stockists who help in delivering seamless services to our esteemed customers. We provide application-specific solutions through customised products to meet customers’ needs perfectly.

The lighting solutions at Wipro Lighting are developed with latest technology and are designed to meet future needs. Today, LEDs are a lot more than mere energy-saving devices. Their efficiency and easy adaptability to dynamic shapes and forms have opened new avenues for us to explore and innovate with the latest technology.


Beauty of Stylus lies in its connectivity options and the limitless design variations it opens up. The ‘X’, ‘V’, ‘Y’ and ‘+’ variants of Stylus seamlessly connect the straight arms of Stylus allowing designers to explore the forms they want to experiment with.



High-end Next-generation Soft Lighting Solution

Mist is a skillfully designed recess mounted indirect-direct LED luminaire that is crafted with the motive of providing soft and low glare light to people. The optics of this contemplative designed recess luminaire gives uniform, volumetric light along with high lighting efficiency. This vertical luminaire is perfect for modern workspaces as it provides both direct and indirect light that intensifies the overall ambience.


Sky Scale

Splendid Contemporary Workspaces Luminaire

Fabricated luminaires are a simple, out-of-the-box way to incorporate the unique ambience of a stretch fabric ceiling into your space. Large-scale luminaires bring in the feeling of the outdoors, to the indoors, by creating artificial skylights in a grid ceiling or filling an open space concept with canopies of light.

Wipro introduces a range of splendid contemporary Workspaces Luminaires – called Sky Scale – a linear suspended edge-lit luminaire that offers soothing and uniform light to enhance productivity. It holds a place of pride in today’s commercial lighting scenario because of its large area ceiling lumination, modular design and other par-excellence features.

Sky Scale


Surface-Mounted Luminaires

Surface / Pendant mounted waterproof linear LED luminaire. Slim, sleek & best in class energy efficient LED Luminaire with its unique feature of co-extruded body gives seamless joint in between diffuser and housing


Immaculate Soft & Smart

Integrated occupancy sensor adds intelligence and technology advantage to the luminaire. It saves cost and installation time as well.


Premium lighting For Workspaces

Exposed ceilings and transparent walls for open plan offices is a concept highly advertised by many technology innovators. This trend has opened up the door to linears and other forms of suspended luminaires. The open ceiling space concept in interior design responds to people’s natural need for space and freedom and also it extends on a vertical plane.

Wipro Lighting introduced OnAir which is a linear suspended edgelit luminaire with low glare light. It provides full diffused glow and excellent lighting quality, that is topped up with high uniformity and higher luminaire efficacy, UGR<19.”


Unlock 360° Protection Powered with high germicidal ultra violet light

Protection against the invisible enemy
In the new normal we are surrounded by invisible enemies for the majority of the time, be it at workplace or at home, effective protection is a must. Studies suggest that Bacteria & Viruses settle and survive on most of the surfaces around us, hence frequently touched items become easy carriers for transmitting infections. Disinfecting all such high touch prone objects is inevitable.

Unleashing the power of Ultraviolet Light
it damages the DNA and RNA of microorganisms and pathogens ensuring no further transmission of Bacteria & Viruses.


Opus LED

Opus LED is designed to suit modular grid used in most of the modern office spaces. Modular grid has 80% market share in India and Opus is designed to capture premium space in that application. Opus is inspired from circular form which is widely used as architectural element.

Vertica LED

A unique design suspended circular luminaire with efficient illumination provides beautiful ambience in open ceiling & collaborative spaces.


Arcus Range

As the sun sets and night falls, a professional outdoor lighting design can create dramatic effects with lighting buildings and structures.
An ideal lighting solution addressing the functional requirements and at the same time, highlighting aesthetics of the surroundings, can enlighten the spirits of the outdoor and make it surreal.
With the advent of latest technologies in lighting, lighting is much beyond mere illumination. Coloured beams and patterns bring in a strong element of grandeur in facades and structures.

Radial Pro+

Designed to reduce operational costs, enhance efficiency and transform workforce productivity, Wipro Lighting brings to you Radial LED Pro+, a high-efficiency LED highbay.

With Radial LED Pro+, illuminate more, save more and achieve your industries’ sustainability goals.


Halo Plus

Suspended unique product on aesthetics and performance. Extruded aluminum housing with microtexture powder coating. Available in Matte black and white variants.


Picasso Range

Unique sphere shaped suspended luminaire to add innovative shapes and forms in collaborative spaces

Axeon Range

This range is an architect’s delight and can reinvent any space by adding a touch of sophistication and seamlessly blending in with the interiors of your choice.

With multiple products catering to every lighting need, the AXEON LED range is created to illuminate contemporary workspaces.

The Axeon LED range comes with a host of benefits, that make it the perfect addition to modernize any office.

inForm Range

InForm is an Architectural Marvel… Technical and High Performance Lighting for all the areas that are designed to give you a visual, emotional & psychological break! It offers multiple options in form, shapes and colours; all backed with the trust and credibility of the Wipro Brand.


End to end connectivity

Easy snapfit design makes connecting two lumiaire easy and seamless

Easy and quick installations

The simplicity in design makes the twin point suspension system quick and precise to install

Up-Down lighting

Adding upward lighting component helps in illuminating the space beautifully. 33% up and 66% downward light distribution gives a spacious and distinctive look to the workspace.

Green Building Lightings

Over the years lighting has changed its focus from mere efficiency to comfort; from building to the people. Inspiro meets all the guideline and meets all the choice for new age, ultra sensitive and efficient buildings.


Whistling Bollard

Wipro introduces an innovative socialising experience with Whistling Bollards – premium category functional lights for illuminating the pathways and enlightening the surroundings with musical notes. Designed for glare-free asymmetric distribution, the bollards focus the light on pathways and avoid scattering effect, giving the user an enigmatic experience.


Radial UNO

Enhancing Performance | Improving Productivity
Radial UNO – Designed thoughtfully with the innovative Aeroflo® technology to deliver optimum performance under harsh industrial environment to provide significant & sustained energy savings over the product life cycle resulting in enhanced productivity & safety.

Glitz(6W-18W) LD98

A premium range of COB downlghters that complement every architectural environment and beautify them.

Iris Slim Neo(6W-18W) LD95 | LD96

Recessed Slim LED Round & square Downlighter. Aesthetic White rim molded in engineering plastic. Offers best in class lumen output in edgelit technology, illuminating the interiors with more vibrancy and higher savings.


Orbit Range(40W-50W) LM53

A unique design suspended circular luminaire with efficient illumination to create new element of design in open ceiling & collaborative spaces.

Verge LED

Wipro Lighting brings to you Verge LED – designed to create an uncoventional work experience, focused around you. With its unique minimalistic peripheral design that integrates with the ceiling texture seamlessly, Verge LED creates a uniform yet distinct ambience.

Aslimline-X (32W) LM77

The slimmest suspended luminaire with efficient LEDs and edge lit optics for contemporary workspaces.


Slimmest profile – Minimalistic unobtrusive design blends well with office architecture
Seamless connectivity
Wide construction for better light uniformity

Extruded Aluminium construction

Premium finish and durability, Choice of three colors white, black and anodised silver

Serrated PMMA Diffuser

Product compliant to UGR less than 16

Inbuilt sensor

PIR and Daylight sensor inbuilt

Easy installation

Easy and hassle free



Increasing need for energy optimization demands advanced and relaible solutions for saving energy for lighting modern offices. Downlighters are growing more and more popular as they deliver significant energy savings and also are suitable for wide range applications. Wipro lighting Launches MOLLIS range with high performance and efficiency, adding options in diffuser for visual comfort.
MOLLIS | with flush diffuser for volumetric lighting

Trendy and Aesthetically designed Downlighter, with power packed performance min 100 lumens per watt, also suitable for refurbishment project. Cut out 168 mm dia.

MOLLIS X | with inset diffuser for visual comfort

Trendy and Aesthetically designed Downlighter, inset diffuser of -30 mm. Power packed performance min 100 lumens per watt , THD <10%, High efficiency LED, ensures optimum light output.


Indoor Lighting Solutions

Recessed Luminaires

Recessed lighting fits attractively into all kinds of ceilings and can be utilized for commercial, office, and retail spaces. Recessed luminaires offer the opportunity to transform your workplace into something extraordinary while taking care of your illuminating needs. Using recessed lighting can accentuate cabins and workstations, highlight artwork, create dramatic shadows, and give the workplace a clean, sophisticated and well-lit look.


Suspended Luminaires

Suspended Luminaires provide uniform light distribution, drive performance, and enhance productivity to ensure maximum efficiency without the risk of improper lighting, thus smoothening everyday work performance. With their abundant benefits and applications, Suspended Luminaires are certainly the one-stop lighting solution for any workplace.


Surface-Mounted Luminaires

When looking for powerful lighting solutions capable of offering uniform illumination while saving energy, surface mounted lights are the ideal choice to get the job done with ease. Surface mounted lights are mounted directly on the ceiling as they feature a screw-less design mechanism. Best suited for healthcare, pharmaceutical, and sterile facilities, surface mounted lights are versatile enough to bring a fresh perspective to any space.



LED Downlights are light fixtures that can be easily installed into a hollow space in the ceiling. They are brilliant energy-saving lighting solutions that are designed for a plethora of applications. LED Downlights emit light in a downward direction with an accurate and narrow beam.


High-bay & Mid-bay Luminaires

Workplace lighting in industries must have superior performance and should meet safety standards. The right light improves the mood of the workers and reduces the rate of error. Mid-Bay and High-Bay lighting are designed for taller ceilings and larger areas. These luminaires are ideal for warehouses, manufacturing facilities, ports and any industrial application. Installing High-Bay Lighting is the starting point for improving your factory conditions, an investment that will enhance the yield by improving the productivity of your workers.


Outdoor Lighting Solutions


LED street lighting is an energy-efficient, long-lasting and a cost-effective choice for the futuristic cities. Wipro LED street light systems are versatile enough to be managed, maintained and monitored with ease. In addition, the CO2 emission is lower as compared to conventional lighting sources, hence promoting a greener and better tomorrow.


Wipro Lighting LED Floodlights not only ensure savings on initial capital, but also deliver a long-lasting performance. Versatile enough to be used in a variety of environments, our LED Flood Lights can be utilized well for lighting sports arenas, façades, general area lighting, billboards and other outdoor applications.

The flood lights available with us save massive 90% energy, have high lumen output, good thermal management, and come in a wide variety of versatile designs. They are ideal for ports, parking lots, construction sites, façades, monuments and industrial outdoors.