Residual Current Circuit Breaker With Overload (RCBO)

AC Residual Current Breaker Overload (RCBO) - DPN N Vigi

• Complies to standards IEC/EN 61009
• AC Class Protection : Tripping characteristics – C curve
• Overvoltage category (I EC 60364): IV
• Suitable for indication & tipping auxiliaries

SI Type Residual Current Breaker Overload ( RCBO ) - DPN N Vigi SI
  • Complies to standard IEC/EN 61009
  • Ensures continuity of supply in networks with:
    • Transient overvoltages
    • Loads generating HF leakage current i.e. harmonics
    • Loads generating continuous leakage current
  • Ensures tripping on genuine earth fault in networks with :
    • Pulsating DC components
    • HF applications which “Blinds” (non-tripping) the conventional RCDs