TeSys F

Contactors and reversing contactors up to 450 kW/400 V and 2100 A/AC1

Features :

  • All DC or AC control voltages 50/400 Hz
  • “Power” connection
  • Flexibility (options can be added)
  • Safety of operation
  • Quick, simple mounting of contactor and GV7-R circuit-breaker
  • Connectors : screws
Benefits :

The possibilities of a powerful offer

This extremely compact model F contactor offer will more than satisfy your need for high performance. Combined with the LR9 electronic relay or GV7 motor circuit-breaker, these contactors are the ideal starters for you, offering quick, simple selection as well as shared accessories for greater flexibility.

Applications :
  • Industry, infrastructure, building, etc:
  • Control of all types of motor in normal or severe service conditions
  • Control of resistive, inductive and capacitive circuits.