EM1000/EM1200/EM1220 Series

VAF, PF - Power & Energy Meter for electrical load and energy monitoring – LCD Display

Features :

  • Accuracy Class 1.0,  0.5, as per IEC 62052-11/ IEC 62053-22
  • Elegant single row, backlit LCD display
  • Monitors electrical parameters  : Volts, Amps, F & PF Simultaneously, W/VA/Var 
  • Integrated Parameters : Wh /Vah/Varh
  • Runhrs, Onhrs & Interrupts Monitoring
  • Three parameters, name and value at single glance with direct reading of primary values
  • User programmable                                               
  • Delta/STAR/2Ph/1ph
  • PT/ CT primary & Secondary
  • Smart line indicators to check the healthy phase of input voltage
  • UL, C UL Listed, CE, C-Tick certified
  • Direct Connection  of metering voltage input upto 480V ac L-L
  • Pulse output  / RS485 communication port with Modbus RTU protocol
Benefits :
  • Reduce energy costs by tracking energy consumption and backup of last cleared energy values
  • Auto Scrolling enables you to monitor group of parameter sequentially
  • Auto Scaling Capability in variance of Kilo, Mega, Giga
  •  Intuitive function keys for  easy navigation with vertical expansion of  display pages 
  •  User Selectable default display page through keypad lock
  • Safeguard access to setup parameters with unique password protection
  • Ensure accurate wiring using the terminal board labeling
  • Seamless integration into any modbus compatible SCADA- Energy Management System (EMS)
Applications :
  • Energy Billing
  •  Control panels
  • Gensets, test benches and laboratories.