Indoor VCB Panel-T2

HT panels up to 33KV VCB Circuit Breaker Panels.

We Supply HT panels up to 33KV VCB Circuit Breaker Panels. The Equipment has fully compartmentalized construction with IP4X/5X degree of protection.The panels are supplied as per customer needs and specifications with Schneider Electric Guidelines . The panels made of highest quality material and are tested by our team of experts before dispatch to the customer application areas. The price range of the panels is very competitive in the market

Features :

  • Fully compartmentalized

  • Draw out type Breaker

  • Draw-out type Potential Transformers

  • Top &¬†Bottom Entry provision for Incoming Cables

  • Modular & compact for better strength and flexibility in extension.

  • Fully Compartmentalized construction for optimal safety and protection

  • IP3X degree of protection is provided externally & IP2X between compartments.

  • Our design enables adequate space for large cable sizes. Even larger cables and additional runs rear extension is provided for cost effectiveness.

  • Exhaust vents for all HT compartment are provided for natural cooling and exit for any flue gasses.

  • ROF(Rol on Floor ) Schneider Circuit Breaker with draw out feature for easy maintenance and fail-safe safety.

  • Live parts covered by automatic metallic shutters when breaker is racked out.

  • Electrical anti-pumping design avoids mishaps due to mishandling of the breaker.

  • Rackin¬† & Rack out Indication.

  • Schneider approved componants use only.

  • We provide Foundation frame as standard supply

  • All hinged doors are provided with gaskets to keep away dust and water from the electrical components.